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Salam aleikum! Susie is going to share her Amman story with you guys again!(It feels like Arabian Night somehow!lol) 


Well, I just heard that the price of gas and gasoline is getting higher and higher in Jordan it reminds me of those funny days when I lived there. Why??? Because the theme of this story is similar to the one I told you last time. It is all about GAS!!!!


As some of us have known, living in Jordan is actually not that cheap if compared with some other Arabian countries like Egypt or Syria (even some Gulf countries!) since Jordan is lack of natural resources like petroleum, so they have to import those raw materials from other countries, which caused higher price of living. Ironically, it doesn't mean you are in a higher living standard though. 


As foreign students, we wanted to reduce the expense on food so that we tried to cook almost every day (if possible), which means... gas is VERY important to us!! By the way, the gas there has another usage, for heaters!!(It could be dangerous in some way...) Thank God both Jordan and Taiwan use stoves for cooking!lol (or wth do I think how Arab cook...XD) There's one thing interesting...The size of the gas barrel in Jordan is actually smaller than that in Taiwan, but surprisingly, the Jordanian one can usually last longer than a Taiwanese one even though we cooked every day! The fact is the different design of stoves accounts for the consumption of gas. (No matter how you switch the fire, there's no difference. It could be a good thing since we seldom made our food


Anyway, the price for a barrel of gas in Jordan was around 6~7 Jordanian Dinars, depending on how to get the gas. You can either ask your Haris or a gas-seller to bring you one once you are running out of gas. Usually it would be a bit more expensive if you buy it from Haris.


Okay, here comes the story... 


It was a hot sunny afternoon in July 2012...I was sharing the flat with 2 roommates, Laith and Julie. We were about to leave Jordan in a couple of days...




You might think it no big deal since we could just eat out anytime, but...

It was right before Ramadan...-.-


Why do I mention about Ramadan again? Yup! Because there was no food available outside, and all the restaurants were closed during the day. As non-Muslims, we can only cook and eat at home during the fasting time if we were hungry. We didn't really practice fasting with them so we had to cook. There was no way for us to get food during daytime.


So the best solution is...getting a new barrel of gas! Thus, Laith decided to wait for a random 'gas car' coming across out of our building and ask the seller to bring up the gas to us. 


By the way, Laith has another sad story about gas. He was once cheated by a gas-seller when he used to live with other guys in his former flat. It was really a terrible experience bcuz the house was broken in (by the gas-seller) and some property was stolen. 


Thus, Laith was thinking about if he would meet the thief ever again...Then the music of a gas car started ringing...


(At the meanwhile, Julie and I was waiting inside the flat to prevent the accident to occur ever




Laith opened the door told us : "Guess what!? Speak of the devil! This gas-seller is exactly the one who cheated me last time, and he couldn't even recognize my face..."   


Julie and I : "OMG!! How stupid! Do you think he's gonna play the same trick again?"


Laith : "Not surprised..."


Gas Seller :   @%&^~#%)(*&$....!!!  (He spoke in dialect, and none of us could understand his words)

but all he wanna express is :

"The tube of the gas is broken, but don't worry, you can buy a new one from me and it only costs like 50 JD!!^^" 


Laith : "Old trick...Does he think he can cheat all the foreigners like this?!!"


Of course we were not gonna pay for that, so the stupid seller just stood there staring at us...Wth!lol 


Then finally here came our hero!!! The 3rd Haris Ahmad!!!LOOOOL  


He stepped into our flat and talked to the seller angrily. Then the stupid pig found out he couldn't earn extra money from us this time, so he just said : "Yallah, masari!!(come on, give me the money!!)"


So we just gave him the 7 JD with reluctance...(or should we get the gas for free?lol)


Before the pig stepped out, Laith just talked to Ahmad asking him loudly : "!ماذا قال؟؟هو كذاب" (what did he say? He is a LIAR!!)


Julie and I (sitting on the sofa doing nothing): هههههههههههههههههههههه (hahaha...)



We both were just surprised that Laith would say


Now you know that a person who wanna cheat others is called "kathab" in Arabic! Yes! A liar! 


So…It cost 10 JD for one barrel of gas now? Ya salam!!! Good luck my friends in Jordan!lol


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