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Yazan Al Rousan(يزن الروسان) is an originally Jordanian singer, born in Amman in 1977, then got his B.A. in the Jordan Academy of Music in 2002. Then he moved to Tunis for his master in musicology. Aspirin, is his latest project. The concept is to create a new genre, uncommon style and to play really joyful and funny music inspired from usual life aspects.

This song is just refreshing! Again, it's in Shami dialect so I understand it better.:P Correct me if the translation is wrong please.

Arabic Text: 

مش قادر أشيل من راسي فكرة إنك راح تتركني وتنسى سنيني معاك

I can't forget from my mind that you will leave me and forget the years I was with you.

وإحساسي بعالم فاضي بدونك طايش وقاسي

I feel that the world without you is empty and hard to live in it.

لسا الدنيا ما بتعرفها ولا واحد فينا بيعرفها منيح

You haven't know the world and no one among us knows it properly.

   اسمعني معي

Listen to me.

  خليك خلينا سوا خلينا

Stay here, let's stay together.

  عنا أحلام حكينيها اتفقنا عليها وبديناها جوا قلبي

dreams we agreed with it, and we want it in my heart.
  إنت موجود

you are existent

   يا مسكين قضيناها نحلم فيها وما تنساها

oh poor thing, we spent it we dreamed in it and we didn't forget it.
  جوا قلبي

in my heart
  إنت موجود

you are existent

  خلينا سوا

Let's stay here

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