It is just a story happened in Amman during Ramadan 2012, from my memory.


One night I was hanging out with my friends in Amman, and we were on our way home from Rainbow street. When we got in the taxi, the driver started a funny conversation with us. 


Driver: "You speak English?" 

My friend : "نعم"(yes)

Driver : "I speak no Arabic!"

Me (said coldly) : "...مستحيل"(impossible)


The driver just became so excited when he heard this word...Then we were stuck in a traffic jam later, he kept talking in his lousy English and doubting our English ability. I really hate this kind of people. Instead, we tried to replied him in Arabic. 


For example, he asked us how to say traffic jam in Arabic, and I said "طبعا بعرف. أزمة يعني"(Of course we know, it's azma.)

He got more excited, telling us :"ايوه الأزمة هيك مستحيل"...(yes! yes! the traffic...impossible!!)


Then he repeated 'mustaheeel' for like 10 times during these 20 minutes...I really wanted to yell at him : "inta mustaheeel...-.-" (You are impossible) but I didnt do that since it was obvious that we met a crazy driver that night, so we thought we'd better behave and let him say whatever he wanted so that he wont start an argument with us...


We just kept quiet in the car till we reached Jubeiha. The taxi fee was 2.8JD but we didnt have small change, so we gave him 3JD, and we thought it was mustaheeel for him to give the change back to us.  Therefore, I just said "Ramadan Kareem" to him and got off from the taxi. Suddenly he asked me to wait. I was like... 'taib, shu bedak?'(ok, wth do you want?) and he said : "!فكة"(change), and handing me the remaining 0.2JD...


Me : "OMG, this is impossible!!"


At that moment, we did believe that people try their best to be better during Ramadan.LOL


The end



So, do you guys remember what "mustaheel" means in English now??looool

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