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Well, I've not been writing my blog in English for a really long time...Thus, I feel so difficult to express my feelings freely in English because I forgot a lot...  What a problem! :P


It's been more than 3 months since I came to Jordan for studying Arabic, but if you ask me if I've made any progress on my Arabic...? Sadly, I have to admit that it is not as good as I expected. Maybe it's because I seldom spend time with my Arab friends here, and it's hard to find normal people here. (Sorry if it's  Anyway, that's my fault! 


I wonder if you guys are interested in the courses in the language center of University of Jordan?? 


We were divided into 7 levels, depending on the placement test. I have to tell you it was totally a mess. I did sit in the test, but I couldn't find my name on the result, so I decided to attend the class which my good friends went. ( level 6) However, since my name was not on the list of level 6, the professor asked me to make sure of the list, so I went to the office again, and the lady just told me I was actually in the class of level 7.  I was so shocked that I couldn't believe it. I kept telling the lady : Nooo~ It's impossible!! Plus, I never went to the class of level 7 since level 6 is hard enough for me... It took me some time to change my level anyway. Some of the professors are just reluctant to help students. I asked Dr. Awni to help me in the end...LOL


As for the courses, there are 2 professors in my class. One of them teaches reading, the other teaches news, writing, and listening. Both of them are devoting teachers. It doesn't mean all the courses are interesting even useful The longer I live here, the more I wanna learn Arabic dialect…= = I am like a deaf person when it comes to dialect…so that I can’t communicate with our guard at all, for that he only speak Egyptian dialect.


As to my classmates, they are from all over the world, such as South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Austria, Germany, Mexico, America… but one third of the students speak Mandarin Chinese…lol…(from China and Taiwan) I like them so much. Our Mexican classmate Fernando even invited all of us to his place to celebrate Christmas with his family. We had Mexican tacos in Amman, singing in English. Isn’t that amazing? :P


My life in Amman is quite leisurely (comparing with that in Taiwan) since we only have 8 courses per week. It’s like 13 hours in total, and I don’t attend them all the time…haha…  Thus, I have much time to do things I like. For example, I usually visit places in Jordan on weekends. I’ve been to many tourist attractions here, Dead Sea, Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, Umm Qais and some other historical places. Inshallah I will visit all the interesting spots. :)


Today is Sunday, but I don’t have to go to school. Why? Because it’s Christmas! Can you imagine having a day off for Christian festival in an Islamic country? We don’t even have a holiday for that in Taiwan. That is COOL~  How I wish it will be a white Christmas!!!:(

December is really not my month. I got sick in the beginning of the month, and it took me more than 2 weeks to recover. (I found it was not coldness but allergy just few days ago...) Also, I cut my finger when cooking for lunch today. It kept bleeding, which frightened me a little bit. How stupid I was!! Anyway I hope this year will end soon...........

In short, it is just my boring murmuring. Nothing important.

Merry Christmas to you guys!:)

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