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(I can't type Chinese at this lame!!)

It's been a while for me to update my blog since I started to use Plurk and I didn't know what to tell.There's no idea in my brian.

so forgive me to type this article in English here.:P

On July 19, we went to Yilan for the annual festival which is held in a park.

In short, we went there for playing water like kids...there were 5 people this time.Susie, Jim, Fanny, Buddah and +1.

The most important man in this trip is Buddha because he is our GREAT driver!!!

We spent more than 3 hours under the sun so that my shoulders got BURNed.

what did we do?

We crossed the bridge...

it's very tall actually!!

like that! We walked "on" the nets.

it was damn tiring to walk on it.= =

much easier to walk on the ground !!

we thought we should take a photo of all of us...

after we asked someone to take it for us for 3 times we got this finally.

we have no pictures when we got all wet since no one wants their camera crashed...

so please imagine the scenes by yourselves.:P

after we left the park,  we discussed where to go in the car since it was still early, so Buddha swiched on his GPS...

The decision was...we wanna go to a waterfall.

We thought we could make it...but...We can't believe in GPS all the time...

because it led us to NOWHERE!!!= =

so we decided to go back to the downtown Yilan.

hmm...we didn't have lunch because Buddha planed to take us to eat in an all-you-can-eat restaurant in the evening. 

(We really starved before we arrived in the

they were taken in KFC.why? because it was too early for

Buddha drives Tiida!!XD


Fanny seemed to be happy!:P

the handsome guy +1.


hahaha, this is my dear ex girls want a nice boyfriend?Call me!XDDD...

as for me? I was too hungry to say anything.

ate ate ate ate ate ate ate ate ate ate ate ate ate and ate.  The end!=)

What a lame article! So lame!

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