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What will you do after drinking cups of wine?

There may be many reactions...

Some people just go crazy, like my old man...God I really hate him when he's drunk.He will be such a fucking trouble.I'm sure...for years...

I've tried to make myself be in a drunk situation for once, swallowing bottles of beer with some friends.At least 6 bottles I remember...I'm not sure what kind of situation should be called "totally drunk", but what I felt at that time was...I was kinda dizzy, but I was totally awake and I knew what I was maybe I was not that drunk?LOL...

Therefore, I think many people use drinking as a way to escape what they've gone through.Maybe some difficulties which they can't bear.

Besides...Some people become kinda over passionate when they get drunk.They are talkative, energetic, humorous...which is different from what they are at normal time.

I guess I do.I still remember I laughed a lots at that time.

Also, some people start to talk about something from their hearts.They may even cry??I've never met someone like that.I've seen something worse...

Aayway, I'm not here to talk about what they will do.It's just a long

I only wanna talk about happy things when drinking.

but not today.........................


I drank with my uncle tonight, but he was already drunk when we's a chief cook in his own restaurant, and he is 14-year older than me.The funny thing is, his daughter is 14-year

younger than me!(oh,and my father is 14-year older than my uncle!:P)

He told me that he knows many celebraties because they often meet a pubs(?) and his restaurant.(他跟我說今晚"花拓也"出現在他餐廳門口XD) I think he's still a teenager who likes to have fun all the time, but he's already got 2 children! Maybe... he really understands how to lead a life in a easy way. I don't know.He only chats with me when he's drunk.

I think my father's family all have this kind of problems.Maybe so do I, but I've not get a chance to know it yet.(Hey,buy me a drink sometimes!:D)

Then he asked me, what do you think about your father?I know, he's annoying when he gets drunk, but he loves you and cares about you very much.Don't you have any feelings for him?(Well,he asked my bro this questions, too.)

I can't even think up any words to say.I was totally speechless, which made me wanna cry out of shame, but I didn't.That was close.

I was happy that he didn't ask too much, or I might just burst into tears.


Becasue the reason is...

This situations has been like this for ages since my parents thought it would be better for me and my bro to have a family which wasn't like how it was.

Damn, you both are just cheating each other. I can't feeling anything from you both.

We don't chat.we really don't.The only thing I will talk with you is money.I am sorry but it's true.

I've already forgot the feeling when I was a kid.I don't know what I can share with you.Don't you think it weird to act like everything is fine when it's totally not like that?

You're such a coward, You're such a bitch.You look down on each otherbut you're still living together.

I think it's really disgusting.

So I used to hate this place very much.I hate those who can only see the superfacial things...

What's the worst, there's nothing I can change, so I learn to ignore.I become a cold person.I don't care the shit about you.Don't ask me anything when you wanna know about him/her.Why don't you ask him/her by yourself?

I've been in such cimplicated community/situation for years.That's why I am so calm.



You'll never know I was crying when typing this article down...

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