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Hi, everyone.Today we are going to discuss about...

What are the purposes of the languages we are using?

To communicate with people, to preserve the civilizations, to make yourself understood by people? I might think so...

but what if you have to make yourself understood by those who don't understand your language?

Is it the reason why we learn foreign languages?

I don't know! I remember when I took English class in the freshman year in college, I always spoke languages which (I thought)my English teacher won't understand.Like Taiwanese!LOL...I can't speak Chinese because she is good at it even though she's from America.

The feeling is complicated...Sometimes you want to make yourself properly understood by some people, but sometimes, you hope they don't understand you.(especially when you've got a screct!lol...)

My Japanese teacher asked all the students in my class why we chose to learn Japanese in the beginning of the semester.

Actually, I can't think up any good reason for why I learn it since I used to hate that country a lots.really...not anymore it just because I want to do it? 

well...for now, it's more likely to be that Japanese is easier than Arabic.

However,it can be so only for me because I speak Chinese.

I read a book written by Barry Farber, who is a polyglot.

He dicussed in his book <How to learn any language> about an issue:

"Is it possible to bring peace to the world if we understand other languages deep?"

Yes and No

Some people say,"No, the more we understand a language, the more we can use it to debate with them...more effectly..."

I think that's because those people don't really understand the cultures of the langauges they are learning, and maybe they don't respect them enough.

so other people say," Yes, it could happen because i won't attack peple who I wanna ask them about the conjugation of verbs!"

hahaha they have a sense of humor.

What's the conclusion?I have no idea.

I found out that I am losing my passions for languages gradually.

Why the hell do i have to understand your language?

Maybe I understand you, but you don't understand me.then it's meaningless.


Someday I will realize, the only solution is LOVE.

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