It was a really weird dream...

Why couldn't I forget about the memory which has happened over a year?

It's the only deam which I won't forget after waking up.

How could he just show up and tell me the truth I've been eager for more than months?

Flirting irresponsibly, I hoped he would give me a response but

 Then, she also appeared in next second, which made him kinda shocked.

Surprisingly, she was not as bad as I thought but innocent. 

In the dream, I cursed him and he seemed to understand.How could that be possible!!!????

All the things are most unlikely to happen in reality but the way he told me about everything.

In an unwilling way and was forced by me.

Just like the depressing and fake apology he sent me several months ago.

so the truth he confessed was really lame. I kinda forgot...

Maybe it's because I don't really care about it now.

What on earth does it mean??

Actually it doesn't mean anything at all because I know everything happen to them.

It feels like they were just beside me.

Maybe I don't really wanna forget.


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