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I just did something which I've never thought I would do before with my junior high classmates.

Well,more precisely,it was on last Tuesday.

Our destination was ...a famous temple in Taipei City.(Tell me what you guess!!)

The motivation for us to go there was out of a message Fanny sent me on my birthday.

She told me that the Chinese Cupid(haha do you know who he is?) in that temple is quite famous,and I asked her to tell me some stories(real examples) about that.

After she told me,I thought it interesting, so I took a heart of curiosity and dicided to see if it's really like that.

Therefore, Fanny invited some others classmates of ours to visit.

Before it,I googled the information about how to pray for those ...gods and godnesses...You know,Taoism is not a monothestic.The results were funny,I read many interesting experiences of some girls...

There were 6 people in total,but only one guy.He is...Jim.hahaha

We were supposed to meet one another at 1:30 pm,but my dear Miss Soft delayed for 30 minutes...She missed the bus!!

When we walked into the temple...It wasn't as crowded as it was in the Chinese New Year.(You bet!)but still many people...

We considered whether to buy the incense sticks or not for a while, and finally we did.(Jim and Beibei didn't join this,they just watched what we did.:P)

Miss Green prayed for her studies and coming exam.As for me?As I've told, I wanna see if the Old Man as powerful as everybody says,I prayed to him.To make it clear what you want,you have to tell them everything exactly.

To wit,you gotta tell your name,birthday(exact time) and address and your wishes.

I did that to every god I visited.LOL...Basically I asked him of who I wanna meet and something like standards.OHH,I remember I told him that I hope to see the result after 3(or 6) months.LOL...

There are 2 other things I did there but I don't know how to say that in English yet I don't wanna type that in Chinese.

Let me describe...after I told the Old Man about all the things,I asked him if I could get a red string for him,and He allowed.Great!

And another god beside him is the one who control the business and studies and work.

I asked him to tell me about the vista of my work in the coming 6 months.BUT....

He didn't want to tell me!  My classmates all got their sortes but me!!!

"It's okay,I can find another Godness on the other side",I thought so.

Thus, we all tried the other things to the other Godness.We can ask her about the affection problems and health...

this time,she was willing to gaive me a lot.("a lot" doesn't mean "very much" here.It means a "lot")BUT...I asked her many times and everytime she gave me a different answer.><

I still got one in the end!HOWEVER...................

The sortes wrote...a poem that is soooooo negative and hopeless!  LOL....

My classmates laughed at my result!

So now the only hope for me is the red string.:P  We'll see if He works 3~6 months later,ok!?


I chattted with The Wise Jeff (haha he's my classmate) early in the morning just now.

He said : "Do not think your friends around have a boyfriend so that tell yourself:Should I try to find one?"

He also told me many deep things.Everytime I chat with him,my brain works.HAHAHA

Okay!I know! I'll take that into my consideration!!

There's finally something rational for me!!  (I've been kinda lost these couples of days.)


I'm recently addicted to facebook games.Such a homie!!!

I like HAPPY FARM the most.

I like to steal their harvest.HAHAHA I also helped them ok!?

See ya,it's so "early" now,and my liver can't stand it anymore.

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  • ruba
  • 龍山寺對吧?!

    you know


  • 哎唷~哈哈哈

    快快 我快肥死了!!><

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  • 紅線阿.....

  • 隨身攜帶吧XD


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  • dragon6693
  • 寫的不錯~!
  • 1點多是....

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  • dragon6693
  • 哈哈~~原來如此
  • 我病了3天 連睜開眼睛都覺得累XD
    我真的變弱了= =

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