You said I am difficult.Yes I am.

You think I am your burden? I guess so!

I think I am not able to call myself an adult at all because I am almost disable.


I've been living with a shadow overhead.

Invisible. Can't you people see the sorrow behind my smile.

Fuck that.How can I concentrate on both important things at the same time?

Results? Nothing is what I got.

What do you want? I know it's difficult.

Since you said it,then why did you still do those things for me?

Tell you the truth,I am not angry.

Why did I have to be?

I am quite calm in my mind.Always.

I cried last night because I wanted to.

you just gave me the chance to release my tears.

If I can,I really don't wanna go to school.

What can that fucking diploma bring you ?

If you dare,why don't you just have me drop out ?

Since you said it's nothing but shit to enter a university.

You hate me? but you have no idea how to handle me.

it's just like what you mean.Because I am difficult!

Come on,everything won't be the same after it went wrong.

You can't mend it.Nor do I want to.

It disgusted me when I see it.I'm fucked up.


you guys,it's nothing about love.

but the fucking REALITY!

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