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I think I have a weird propensity for something.

What's that?

I tend to think of someone who can easily mess up my sanity everytime there's a big event ahead.

That's for true.This is the second time for me to do it.

Possibly,I got the answer this morning...

I can't tell why I had butterflies in my stomach at that moment.

Then,it's the answer you gave.

I'm sorry alright,just leave me alone.

You didn't even call my name.

That's all.

Kinda draconian.

It's alright,I can take it.


oh,mid-term next week!

Wish me good luck,I don't wanna be flunked!

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  • linda66232002
  • ^^

    are you ok???
    you should't be worry about your test,because i believe you can do it well,right?

    maybe i really be that one who worry about my test....
    anatomy is really a big problem.
    everyone study it hard,not like me~lol

    i wish you get good grades~
  • I'm fine,Linda!^^
    haha,Believing is not enough!!
    I have to study hard.
    I think your pressure is much more than mine.
    So I wish you good luck!
    Oh,you're having your birthday tomorrow!
    Tomorrow must be a good day for you!:)

    蘇西 於 2008/11/16 09:16 回覆

  • linda66232002
  • wow

    what a suprise to me!! you remember my birthday!!
    i am so happy for that.
    however , i don't know the day about your birthday!!
    what a bad friend to you....

    only you of my friends mention it~thank you~
  • lol...
    You mentioned about that in your blog.
    There are still many days ahead til my birthday.
    You're nighteen now~
    Mature girl!haha

    蘇西 於 2008/11/16 11:21 回覆